Wilsonart is available only in Saskatchewan. For item availability and lead times please contact your local Lancashire branch.

Bevel Edge is available to match all Wilsonart laminate’s and is currently available in Cascade, Crescent and Bevled Edge.


We’re stocking the following custom edge colors in Saskatchewan.

Wilsonart HD Collection 1848K-45 Ebony Eclipse 4728-60 Milano Mahogany
1811K-35 Deepstar Flint 1849K-35 Luna Frost Madura Collection
1812K-35 Deepstar Fossil 1850K-35 Luna Winter 4920K-52 Madura Citrine
1813K-35 Deepstar Glaze 1851K-35 Luna Glow 4921K-52 Madura Garnet
1814K-35 Deepstar Bronze 1852K-35 Luna Crest 4922K-52 Madura Pearl
1815K-35 Deepstar Agate 1853K-35 Luna Shadow 4923K-52 Madura Gold
1817K-35 Deepstar Mineral 1854K-35 Luna Night Juparana Collection
1818K-35 Deepstar Slate 1855K-55 Carra Santorini 4929-38 Bordeaux Juparana
1819K-35 Bella Venito 1856K-55 African Slate 4931-38 White Juparana
1820K-35 Bella Noche 1857K-55 Bengal Slate 4932-38 Golden Juparana
1821K-35 Bella Reale 1858K-55 Silver Travertine Venetian Collection
1822K-35 Bella Capri 1859K-55 Golden Travertine 4928-38 Venetian Ivory
1823K-35 Sedona Spirit 1860K-55 Roman Limestone 4930-38 Venetian Ale
1824K-35 Sedona Bluff 1861K-55 Tuscan Limestone Other Designs In Stock
1825K-35 Sedona Spa 1862K-55 Corinthian Limestone 4924-38 White Carrara
1826K-35 Sedona Trail 1863K-55 Bainbrook Grey 4925K-07 Calcutta Marble
1830K-35 Mystic Gemstone 1864K-55 Salentina Nero 4926K-07 Black Alicante
1831K-35 Raven Gemstone 1865K-55 SalentinaGrigio 4927-38 CremaMarfil
1832K-35 River Gemstone 1866K-55 SalentinaRosso 1799-07 Ebony Fusion
1834K-45 Crystalline Shell 1861K-55 Tuscan Limestone 1796-07 Bronzed Fusion
1835K-45 Crystalline Onyx 1862K-55 Corinthian Limestone
1836K-45 Crystalline Ice 1863K-55 Bainbrook Grey
1837K-45 Crystalline Pearl 1864K-55 Salentina Nero
1838K-45 Crystalline Dune 1865K-55 SalentinaGrigio
1839K-45 Crystalline Braun 1866K-55 SalentinaRosso
1840K-45 Crystalline Iris 1867K-55 Perla Piazza
1841K-45 Desert Passage 1868K-55 Aged Piazza
1842K-45 Canyon Passage Milano Collection
1843K-45 Mountain Passage 4724-60 Milano Amber
1844K-45 Alpine Passage 4725-60 Milano Brown
1847K-45 Bronze Eclipse 4726-60 Milano Quartz

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